We were honored with That’s choice to make Perky’s first store in the world. Such a reputable brand with such a loyal consumer really deserved a unique place to officially express their soul at the point of sale. This is the store where we can more fully apply the concept of “Mutant Shop”, that is, the product exhibition adapts to the seasonal releases, time of year, product availability in the store and, of course, I like the Owners. In an old mansion in the city of Porto Alegre, where the doors open to the most popular park in the city – Parque da Redenção – the store became an agglutinative point of people in the neighborhood, being received with much affection not only by the lovers Of the brand, but also by locals of different ages. The light wood and the white brick walls brought the lightness of the brand and the neutrality so that the products and their exclusive prints had their guaranteed highlight. For the window display system (in windows that were with the sill there are 170 cm of the floor) we created swings with sisal ropes and wooden shelves with loops that allow their heights and distances to be changed to the shopkeeper’s taste, or the necessity Of the products on display. At the bottom perforated panels allow different shelf inserts and a unique area of ​​custom packaging with stamps and a genuine Olivetti typewriter, all remodeled so you can write a card just like your grandparents did. In front, there is an area totally dedicated to the world of children where is the universe Perkyds, the line for children of Perky. A completely playful area, based on the fables of childhood and the games made at home, very informally. This is the favorite area of ​​our That Design Team, especially when we notice the little smiles as they discover that the space for them is completely interactive.

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