In 2012 We had the opportunity to create a luminous window to CONVERSE, we called the lighting architect Eduardo Becker – Atelier de Iluminação to develop a different display material. When we saw a Chuck Taylor model created by NY fashion designer John Varvatos, we realized that the flooring was translucent and that we could take advantage of that. So being our That Team Team together with the arch. Eduardo Becker has developed a luminous that can be coupled inside any SKU (model) that is of the same number, and the best, the tennis in question is not even damaged in the process and can be sold normally by the shopkeeper and replaced by another foot . The Luminous could be displayed on any display of the brand, even in some old servants even before the foundation of That Design. The result was an unusual and versatile design that today illuminates up to now elegantly illuminates that room.

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