Piccadilly’s spring-summer 2012/2013 collection came more daring, colorful and with a POS material that needed to evolve together. The concept of curves and stripes needed to be reinvented. In summer, when shoes are lighter and more open, we think that the point of sale material should accompany the season and break the boundary of the original shape. Our idea was to create more unusual pieces, elegant and molded whole, to avoid appliques and glues that could break or take off with the time of use. Conceptually, the institutional stripes that were on the inside now have been seen and also pass outside the pieces, forming a composition with more freedom and expression. In several pieces the shopkeeper can choose whether to appear on the side of the stripes or the side of the single color (red or white). In this project our supplier has developed an exclusive and innovative tooling for the making of the curved pieces, resulting in plastic sculptural forms well differentiated in the retail.

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