That Coffee Week

As on the majority of offices, we also have our little coffee that we go through daily. Coffee has always been a gathering element and reason for internal debate about intensity and flavor. Since last year the task of making coffee has basically been in the hands of our two designers: Priscilla and Uiliam. Both preparations are very good and have distinct characteristics, which denote personal qualities, which can be evidenced even in their projects.

After all, if in Japan a few centuries ago many samurai practiced their precision with the blade working with gardening, in preparing our coffee, That Design Team puts a little of their talent and everyday insight. For example, traditionally the coffee prepared by Pri is carefully dosed by well-measured spoons, a delicate way of handling things for a softer, lighter and more balanced taste. Already the Uiliam, is the art of chaos that prevails, he simply turns the coffee can in the felling filter, we would say not empirically, but with the experience that the practice provides, giving the desired amount to the eye, Which guarantees more intensity and that extra dose of caffeine for the moments of greater need of focus.

Several of our friends, business partners and customers who visit us praised our coffee and even asked for the strongest or the weakest, so we decided to create a side project for this week: Each of our designers went to the street to get their Favorite types of coffee to create our two blends that are unique to That – the strong and the soft. Last week we had a lot of fun with their shopping and discussion about flavors and intensities, guided by the opinions of our partner Rebecca Calheiros and her experiences in the design of the Fomeria coffee shop and convenience store in Canoas, RS

So, we started our week with the project we call THAT COFFEE WEEK, where we will test different flavors until we choose the ones that truly symbolize our “barista identity”. In fact, none of us are experts in coffee, but the subject has already brought a lot of debate and even brainstorming on the subject and for this reason we have decided to dedicate a few days to the subject. We have opened our experience to share the theme with clients, friends and suppliers who are invited to come and try our experiments and assist us in choosing the winners to be decided at the end of this week, after collecting everyone’s opinions. Just call us and set an appointment so we can meet you with one of our coffee ideas right on the spot. So, are you going to have some coffee?


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