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It is possible to say that the Perky House today, one year after its inauguration, has become the best known design of That Design. Not only for the impressive sales results but especially for the repercussion of the project in the international media on blogs, magazines and books specialized in retail design in some parts of the world. However what many are unaware of are some interesting stories about how we conceived this store designed to create a truly authentic experience with the brand.

Firstly, this was the first time we worked on a project that involved a house listed as Porto Alegre city heritage, which caused us to consider several conceptual details but not to damage the soul of the brand that should be stripped in each corner of this Which would be Perky’s first store.

The process took some time to get off the paper and we had to make several physical modifications inside the building so that the store respected the necessary accessibility conditions and could become more welcoming and inclusive, as this is one of the main characteristics of the brand . The floor, for example, was lowered about 80cm to eliminate the access steps which caused the windows (which would be the windows) to remain with the sill 170cm from the ground. Still talking in the windows we decided to remove the sheets from the frames (properly stored) and keep the frames intact by putting tempered glass so that the store really opened 24 hours for the park of Redenção, with a night illumination that stands around the corner.

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Every furniture in the store was carefully designed exclusively for Perky, and no furniture was purchased ready except for the yellow banquets in the area of personalization of those present. We attribute this idea to the fact that the House needed to have an identity of its own, that it did not exist anywhere else and that it reflected the concepts of joy, lightness and diversity that are fundamental parts of the brand’s DNA. The store’s product display system has been carefully formulated with our own concept of “mutant store”, that is, it is possible to change the zoning, quantity of exposed products, “hot spots”, heights and ways of Presentation of backpacks and shoes without much effort and so, in case of an unexpected amount of sales, the store does not appear to be lacking in products.

But the most striking factor was the choice of the commercial spot. Facing Farroupilha Park the House from the work received a great affection from the residents of the neighborhood who embraced the new store as patrimony of the neighborhood. While we were managing the work, there were not particularly curious -believe- the elderly who would put their heads inside the door asking what was happening and when it was the inauguration because they were already anxious. The result was a large increase in the number of consumers in this age group who were not even the public’s focus of the brand, but who literally felt at home and became new followers of Perky. We remember on the eve of the inauguration, still finalizing in assembling the furniture in the store, a gentleman peeked in, turned around and praised the bill saying that the old buildings of the city needed recycling such as this that filled the staff, shop owners And the brand owners proudly. It was best to find out why he was a retired faculty member of the Faculty of Architecture at URGS, exactly in the discipline of restoration.

The Vibe’s opening party (December 8, 2016) was amazing with live sound, DJs, food trucks, food bikes and a lot of people enjoying this new moment of this great brand. The joy of the party was repeated on the anniversary now in December with a loyal audience and always looking for the classic prints and the light way to meet Perky. Long life at Perky House and this partnership with That Design. Still in the first half of 2017 the house will bring a great novelty in its upper deck that promises to bring even more joy, in a new project of That Design Company.

More photos of Casa Perky.


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